Why buy an Escanda Home? / Turnkey Building Solutions


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The aim of Escanda is the customer and quality first, and long term relationships including our own staff.

This is to secure that you can rely on us, being there for you thoroughout the project since we start together, and for your future needs.

Escanda has a fixed group of professionals in the company, this means that we do not subcontract any work, or the minimum subcontract as possible, except metalwork, wood works and aluminum joinery. This means that Escanda  is in full control of each phase minimizing waiting times and errors.

After many years of work, we have the experience and knowledge in combination with high quality materials, which are going to be used in your home or investment project.

Making the right decisions when buying or building a home is very important, therefore, Escanda makes sure that a study of each project phase is done before starting the investment, land acquisition and execution of the works.

For the acquisition of land, we can help and advice you through the web page Inland Properties Andalucia estate agency, which belongs to our group of companies.

As mentioned we also have a lawyer, for legal advice and to ensure a thorough check of your property.

And finally, if some form of financing is necessary, we work closely with some banks which it can give you good service about your necessities.


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