Project Management department at Escanda Building Solutions, is led by Nacho Martín (Project Manager), with extensive professional experience in the management and direction of residential real estate investment projects on the Costa del Sol.

One of the main objectives of Escanda Building Solutions, is to guarantee and give security to our clients investments from the beginning of their project, as well as, advise on the location (Personal Real Estate Shopper), design, budgets (costs ), development - execution and after sales.

The correct management and control of projects on site, unifies through a figure (person), the control and development of the different professionals and companies involved in a particular project.

Our clients are advised and informed at all times about the processes, deadlines, costs and final quality of the contracted project (before, during and after).

Reliability in project counseling to our customers is what supports us as a company in all the projects developed so far by Escanda Building Solutions since 1979.

The technical office or project development department, led by Juan Cabello, Construnog, together with a team of professionals in architecture, technical architecture and engineering, in which all the aspects involved in the work are analyzed and studied, such as :

- Analysis of the client's needs.

- Investment Study.

- Search of properties. (Land - Property) / (Personal Real Estate Shopper).

 - Technical projects (measurements, designs, infographics, etc ...)

 - Budgets, project phases and execution time.

- Organization of resources. (Staff and material)

 - Construction, with constant and continuous information to the client, about the evolution of the project.

 - Resolution of incidents during the execution, effective and immediate.


With these services in project management we can guarantee our clients a satisfactory project completion, in the agreed execution time, as well as an excellent quality-price.