Our building company group is specialists in high quality refurbishment, renovations and restorations. Our committed approach to quality and client satisfaction. Remodeling a villa, apartment, home extensions, basements, swimming pools, kitchens, baths, exteriors, interiors, no job too small or too big to be undertaking by our company. And to complete projects like this on time, within budget and on schedule, it really makes sense to hire an experienced home renovation company. Our experience and expertise allow us to take our design ideas to life through innovative solutions, adapted to the specific and individual needs of our customers and completing projects on time according to the quality standards required. Listed Building Restorations and renovations Construnog has an special classification by the Spanish Goverment to be able to restore and maintain historical buildings and historical heritage, being this clasiffication called K-7. The realization of this activity on the heritage must be done so challenging because, without altering these values need to be transformed and adapted to the required functionality while preserving the artistic and historical aspects that characterize it.

Villa “Place in the Sun”

This Villa was restored after the purchase completion of one of our clients, they bought the villa because the location was superb (90% Villa location, 10% House), but the distribution and layout of the rooms inside of the house, it was making the villa unconfortable, dark and it was missing the most important thing in Andalucia and Spain, the sun, and the views. They decided to trust us making a dream real, living in a Place in the Sun, with superb views and in a comfortable house. Enhancing the exterior and interior life in a unique concept. After a meticulous analysis of the villa´s possibilities and a detailed study of the client’s needs, several designs were made in 3D before the final quotation. In the south of Andalusia we spend many hours outside, due to, our the temperatures and our climate, which the people in Málaga, inland or along the coast we are lucky to be able to enjoy most of the year. Escanda has very clear the concept of open plan housing, connecting it with the outside of your garden, your terrace, etc …. is very important , Because we promote a house with more character, a house full of light and sun, attractive, with larger ambients, without loss of spaces. The orientation of the house and a ecofriendly construction of it, make that in the winter and the summer, our house reduce the electricity costs, consumption of water, heating, air conditioning, etc … … We design, refurbish. reform or renovate your ideas to make real your dreams, whatever your are located. And if you don´t find what you are looking for, please let as know, and we will look for the ideal property for you.

Villa Place in the Sun

Lagar de Los Pilones

There was a time, back in the eighteenth century, in which Malaga was known throughout the world for its wines and spirits. These wines made from Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez grapes came from vineyards grown in the Montes de Málaga (now the Natural Park) and were produced in houses called “lagares”. In 1878 with the arrival of the phylloxera (disease of the vine) coming from France, the vines are destroyed and the inhabitants of the Montes de Málaga are forced to abandon their “lagares” in search of other forms of life. Thus, the mills become ruins or are transformed and only a few come to our days. The Lagar los Pilones is an example of this ancient way of life, preserved thanks to the fact that it has passed from parents to children for many generations. In 2003 it was rehabilitated respecting its original structure and preserving the elements of wine elaboration such as: the press that squeezed the grape, the large earthen jars buried in the soil where the wine was fermented … But we have also added all the comforts of our days: bathrooms in all rooms, heating, swimming pool … This winery has been converted to be used as a business B & B. El Lagar los Pilones is located 25 Km. From Málaga, in the limits of the Natural Park of the Montes de Málaga inside an agricultural and cattle farm known as Cortijo Cabrera where there is a great herd of goats and some horses that usually graze in the Near the winery The winery is accessed by a path of about 2 km. (Own of the property) that runs through a beautiful Mediterranean forest where it seems that the hand of the man has not arrived. Stroll among ancient olive trees, huge holm oaks, rocks, lavender … In this forest you can find the Peñas Cabrera rock art station, open caves or coats that were inhabited some 6,000 years ago, and in which there are paintings that probably had a Symbolic value. Climbing along this beautiful path we find the winery crowning a hill, which allows you to enjoy magnificent 360º views of the surrounding mountains (Torcal de Antequera, Sierra del Có, Sierra Nevada …) The careful decoration and its unbeatable views make it an ideal place.

Hotel Convento La Magdalena

We are very proud of this project made by our group of companies. It´s our bigger renovation project. This time Construnog with Juan Cabello leading skilled workers in various disciplines, architects, archeologists, artists, etc, contributed to rescue an andalucian historic jewel of Málaga. Located in a wonderful, traditionally Andalusian setting, the old convent of San Pedro de Alcántara will amaze guests with its stunning views, the surrounding scenery of olive trees, and its excellent location at the entrance of El Torcal Natural Park. This is a different hotel. It is located in a historic building that was constructed in 1584, making it completely unique. Restored in 2009, this particular building was turned into Antequera’s first 5-star hotel. This excellent hotel maintains the essence and charm of the original building, even preserving its original floors, walls and wooden rafters. Explore every corner, from its church and crypt to the restored paintings in its vaults, cloisters and walls of this old 16th century convent. This is undoubtedly the perfect place for you to unwind, relax and enjoy a different, luxurious experience. We will be waiting for you in Antequera, in the centre of Andalusia. We are just 15 minutes away from Antequera-Santa Ana Station and 40 minutes from Malaga Airport. Welcome to a magical place in the heart of Andalusia.