Indoor Heated Swimming Pool

This project was designed, developed and executed by Escanda Building Solutions in a magnificent Villa, with a very high standars and quality materials.

The pool room is decorated (floors and walls) with marble stone in different finishes, polished and hammered, giving warmth, elegance and natural finishes for a unique place to enjoy and relax in our home.

The pool is an 8 mtrs. x 4 mtrs. and it has a system installed called counter-current swimming which it consists of "swim against the current", 3 waterfalls at different levels that fall into the pool, 1 curtain waterfall in stainless steel, jacuzzi designed for 10 people, comfortable sitting with massage jets on the back and legs.

The pool is heated to about 28 degrees centigrade but could be adjusted to a temperature of 35 Degrees. The Jacuzzi is heated to a temperature that ranges between 35ºC and 40ºC.

The room is also fully heated with dehumidification system.

The machine room was designed especially by order of our client, hiding all the tubes, getting a clean and tidy room.

We are proud of the work done by our team of professionals, just as our client was totally satisfied.

Indoor Heated Swimming Pool