Our clients looked for a very clear idea of ??what they wanted to do in the garden of their property, but they did not manage to give harmony to the exterior spaces that the house had. The property is a rural house, with a typical and marked design of rural houses in the area of ??La Axarquia (in the province of Malaga), surrounded by a plantation of olive trees and with spectacular views . From Escanda Building Solutions, we gave them a solution. We designed and organized different spaces, distributing the bathing area with an old "alberca" that was intended to be rehabilitated, and (formerly dedicated to the irrigation of the farm in the past), getting a garden area dedicated to tranquility and relaxation, with the sound of the water as a way of connection (fountains and ditches), filling of color with plants and terraces, different spaces.

Most of the plants chosen in the design of the garden are from the area, because we wanted to make a good fusion between the architecture of the house and the exterior (in this case the garden). In addition, the selection and choice of plants with respect to the climate and environment in which they are going to be planted is very important to get a low maintenance of our gardens and get a long life of our little paradise.

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